Demand Management

Makes easier to manage demand by improving accuracy

Digitalsoft’s Industry Platform (D-ONE) makes it easier to manage demand by improving accuracy, service levels and data transparency. Efficiency is increased because non-value activities which manipulate Excel & Metrics are removed.

Demand forecast, sensing, management, consensus planning and arbitration run alongside SKU segmentation, sales forecast management and cognitive analytics features. We use modelling, scenarios simulation and lean concepts in real-time to help boost demand and increase sales and profits.

  • Sales Forecast management
  • Demand Forecast. Sensing, Management & Arbitration
  • Consensus Demand Planning
  • Cognitive & Smart Algorithms for early problem detection & predictive insights
  • Better forecasting
  • Increased profitability
  • Lower inventory
  • Increased service level

Demand Management

d-one IBP module senses and analyses customer demand, checks constraints, reconciles it with supply and financials, then simulates. Result is ‘best-fit’ order fulfillment plan.

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