Engineers have developed D-ONENEXT to guarantee maximum security right from the start. Your data are sent in encrypted mode, using standard technologies that guarantee security comparable to the banking connections. Furthermore your data are stored in a database dedicated to you. D-ONENEXT replicates your database in real time on a second server to minimize the risks of data unavailability.


Data encryption and HTTPS secure access 

It serves to prevent data from being intercepted and understood during their transfer, if not from the legitimate receiver. The information, in fact, are encrypted before sending and are decrypted with the use of a key known only by sender and receiver systems. The HTTPS security protocol guarantees privacy in Internet transactions by ensuring that the machines that send and receive data, communicate in protected mode.



Your data is stored in a database dedicated to you and, unlike other cloud solutions, the tables are NOT physically shared with those of other companies. Access to your database is allowed only to users defined by you. Access to your data is NOT allowed to our staff except for assistance cases expressly authorized by you. Only our system administrator can access the database exclusively for maintenance, backup and updates.



This system raises the level of network security by acting as a filter in the data traffic. The information uploaded to the server is protected against unauthorized attacks or access. Communication of data in exchange between different networks is controlled and limited.



We replicate your database in real time by making a copy on a second server. This replica will be used automatically by the program in case of failure of the first server. Moreover, every day, a backup copy is also made which is encrypted and stored on a third device.

d-oneNext Data Center

High efficiency and redundancy with the most modern facility

The newest and most modern of European data centers, Micosoft Azure Data Center (west europe). In terms of uptime, both the facility and the facilities meet or exceed the highest standards according to international classification.

Micosoft Azure Data Center

Resilience and high availability thanks to Azure availability zones

Replicated data in 3 different data centers (located in the same region) synchronized in realtime.

“On-site” management and periodic audits

In-house teams of experts in network, HW and SW management and specialized maintenance and surveillance companies.

24Hx365 surveillance and control

24Hx365 Surveillance. Technicians “on call” 24Hx365. Registered and controlled access