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Siva Nagaraj, Chief Product Officer

A chat with our Chief Product Officer, Siva Nagaraj.
3 questions to deepen approach, ideas and vision of Digitalsoft Leaders on the tech and industrial manufacturing sectors.

What does continuous improvement mean for you?
And How do you apply this approach in your work?

Continuous improvement is a key process for any organization to drive incremental and breakthrough results. I strongly believe that continuous improvement is a mindset that we all should have and should be part of an organization’s culture. When we build our product on day to day,  we always encourage our team to look for opportunities to improve on what we do and how we do. This helps us in being productive, innovative, efficient and pushes us to stay hungry for achieving execution excellence.

What is the role of technology
in the manufacturing
industry today?

In my opinion, today technology is the driving force in the manufacturing industry. With the help of advanced technologies, manufacturers have the possibility to find new innovative ways to optimize the production processes and deliver quality products to the customers. Modern smart factory systems like d-one, built on the latest technologies such as IIOT, ML & AI, have enabled factories to be more proactive, efficient while keeping lower cost and high customer satisfaction. As technology continues to evolve, manufacturers must stay abreast of the latest developments and use them to their advantage to stay competitive in the market. I’m sure that this trend of manufacturing digitalization will evolve, and will continue to change the manufacturing landscape in an extremely positive and irreversible way.

According to you, what makes
d-one, the product
you develop, a product of value?  

d-one is a feature-rich modular platform to address the business problems that manufacturing plants have in planning, production, and warehouse areas to enable end-to-end connected supply chains. We built d-one, keeping in mind the personas who are going to use the application, with intuitive UX. We apply the industry best practices to standardize the business processes with best-in-class technology to drive operational excellence by simplifying, connecting & enhancing the operational backbone and moving toward the factory of the future.