Webinar: Digitalsoft X ‘Rinascimento Digitale’


Last Friday we have been invited as speakers to the ‘Digital manufacturing: I4.0 solutions and integrated supply chain to become a smart factory’, a webinar powered by Unione Parmense degli Industriali, SMILE-DIH and UNICT. During the online event our Head of Solutioning, Mr. Riccardo Tudino, talked about “Integrated platforms for digitization and optimization of production processes” with a focus on real industrial use cases.

The event was part of a cycle of online webinars entitled “Digital Renaissance”, with the aim of providing the audience with technological updates and useful methodologies to understand and consciously face a process of digital transformation. Aim of this episode was to share best practices on how to innovate and integrate processes based on the “smart factory” while measuring and maintaining the parameters of effectiveness, efficiency and productivity.

During his pitch Mr. Tudino highlighted the importance that integration, modularity and innovation can play in the transition towards Smart Factory through digital transformation. To be effective in this journey a company needs to redesign the strategy and cultural mindset, starting by assessing the digital maturity phase where they are. For this reason the digital transformation requires a gradual approach adapted to the specific needs and a tool flexible enough to scale to this.

The case discussed

Tudino takes as example the case of one of our customers we are currently helping, a leader in manufacturing of high-quality hose, fittings and accessories. To support the strong growth over the past years, the company was looking to replace the systems currently in use in its manufacturing sites with modern, robust systems that support the teams in excellent execution of operations and management in taking the right data-based decisions at the right time.

In this sense Digitalsoft was approached for its D-ONE platform to manage supply chain and operations in a more modern and efficient way. Together with the customer we designed a dedicated roadmap of the transformation journey they would have gone through. This gave also the basis to define a clear plan of implementation for the initial pilot for one of their italian sites. The pilot consists in the replacement of the warehousing, shipping and manufacturing systems in use.

Among the main capabilities included in the implementation we can highlight:
  • Visual Management, Analytics and Reports – granting a great source of visibility to measure and monitor the key KPIs and to control the performance.
  • Real-time downtime information and escalation – enabling to make immediate reactivity, increasing operation efficiency, while long-term data collection aids the detection and investigation of production process related problems.


The webinar has been a great opportunity of sharing methods and practical cases of use of technologies that allow the automation of manufacturing processes, the identification of the necessary factory tools and the integrated interaction with the supply chain. Such paths of digital transition require the right level of flexibility and scalability in order to create your own efficient ecosystem.

Are you looking for more info on how to start this journey? Assess for free you current processes with the Industry 4.0 Test, a self-assessment developed in collaboration with Confindustria, Assoconsult and Politecnico di Milano, which will allow you to discover the level of digitization of your company.

Discover how Digitalsoft can help you solve your current Supply Chain challenges while planning your leap into the “Future Factory”.