Digitalsoft at Connected Manufacturing Summit

Building the Factories of the Future
Last week Digitalsoft participated in the first Connected Manufacturing Summit session. Due to COVID restrictions the event was divided into 2 parts: a virtual event and a more traditional physical event rescheduled for next year 2021. As Gold sponsors we delivered a 30 minute address, explaining how to ensure an End-to-End Connected Supply Chain by partnering with us.
The purpose of the summit was to discuss and encourage the adoption of Industry 4.0 across the Manufacturing Value Chain. The 2 days were focused on highlighting how today’s digital solutions can turn business challenges into opportunities.

Key topics

Many were the key topics highlighted during the conference. To list some of them:

  • Digital Twins
  • Data-driven Manufacturing
  • AI & Machine Learning
  • Cyber Security
  • Sustainable Competitiveness
  • People Involvement & Empowerment
  • Customer-CentricityRiccardo Tudino, Head of Industrial Solutions, during his speech
  • Technology & Robotics
  • 5g
  • Data Transparency
  • Connected Supply Chain

Manufacturers meet Digital Suppliers

The event was joined both by Manufacturing and by Solutions Companies leaders and managers. The delegates shared their experiences and suggestions on how to build the factories of the future – smarter, more connected, and highly responsive to changes in the ecosystem.

Continuous Improvement

The summit was a great opportunity for analysis and improvement; to understand what innovation means for manufacturing now. We challenged ourselves to evaluate the possibilities for improvement in terms of technology and processes. This allows us to always provide our customers with innovative products, maximizing efficiencies and ensuring optimum performances.

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