Visual management:
how to drive great results

The enterprise under control with Visual Boards
At Digitalsoft, we believe in a mission-based operating system that combines end-to-end digital planning and execution. With our customer’s business outcome and goals in mind, our real-time digital applications platform uses Visual Management to achieve the following.
  • Real-time availability management for markets, customer, and channels
  • Manufacturing control & machine downtime
  • Employee empowerment on the shop floor and warehouse
  • Early issue detection and rapid problem solving
  • Supporting Lean Operations through e.g. operational KPI dashboards (safety-quality-delivery-inventory-productivity) and promoting root cause analysis and corrective action planning
  • Improving execution to plan with line output screens

The problems solved by visual management

Lack of visibility in operations means issues can often go undetected. Not having real-time access to the data and actionable-insights, lead companies to remain stuck in sequential-planning mode.

So how to go beyond? Go ‘Visual’! Visual information is processed 60’000 x faster than text. An average person remembers 20% of what they read, and 40% of what they see.

Finally, communicating visually is the most intuitive element of lean concept deployment. It enables anyone entering the shop floor to see and understand what’s going on in a glance. It helps management to focus their support where it really makes a difference!

Great examples of visual boards in use

Using Visual management in Planning

Visual management enables you to work by exceptions, focusing your activities on what matters. Visual information is processed 60’000 x faster than text. It enables a complete and optimized plan.

Using Visual management in Logistics & Warehouse management.
Supply operators and management with relevant real-time information to see in one view what’s going on in the factory and end-to-end supply chain.
Using Visual management in Execution

An average person remembers 20% of what they ready, and 40% of what they see.

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