Digitalsoft X ‘GLMSummit 2019’

Interview with Digitalsoft’s Head of Industrial, Riccardo Tudino, for the 2019 edition of Global Summit Logistics & Manufacturing

1. What are your expectations for GLMSummit19?

Participating in this event is an excellent opportunity to introduce Digitalsoft and our d-one platform to companies interested in production planning and execution. It’s giving greater visibility to our leading software, connecting businesses and people in a connected supply chain starting from analysis of demand to shipment to customers.

2. Which product will you be showcasing at #GLMSummit19?

We will be introducing our innovative d-one platform which includes the d-oneplan and d-onefactory modules.

The first module analyses demand forecasting, production planning, inventory and purchase optimization up to shipment planning. It also offers advanced reports with monthly & weekly status dashboards, MAPE & Bias analysis, revenues and a module dedicated to RCCP (rough cut capacity planning). All of them are thought of as a single process which integrates data and information from the different business sectors involved, such as sales, marketing, finance, logistics and production.

The second module, d-onefactory, is dedicated to the execution features; detailed production scheduling, integrated clear to build, raw and semi-finished material control and order management on the production machine.

Other features of this platform include:

  • the acquisition of process data in real time
  • the intelligent management of maintenance (predictive maintenance)
  • the automatic management and coordination of material handling and shop floor replenishment activities
  • warehouse management and internal logistics
  • traceability up to the management of shipments

d-onefactory also provides visual boards, indexes, metrics and reports with information in real time.

3. It’s thought the second half of this century will be dominated by robots and AI, leading to fears that many people’s work will be adversely affected. How do you see this phase?

Our products are designed to help people rather than replace them, with the personal touch playing a decisive role in the supply chain. Our tools allow operators to perform better, faster and with greater efficiency, creating a collaborative human-machine environment.

We offer tools which allow operators to control and intervene if necessary by providing updates on the status of the production line, alerts about machine problems, supply of materials, real-time updating on the quantity produced versus the forecast, reasons why a target hasn’t been reached and more.

In addition, there can be dangerous processes in manufacturing or jobs that require excessive effort from people and in such situations it’s highly beneficial that intelligent machines can help. Finally, robots and AI can automate some work, leaving people free to make the best use of their time.

4. Imagine Digitalsoft in 2025: what are your predictions and how do you plan to achieve them?

In the coming years we will continue to effectively serve our customers’ needs while dedicating ourselves to research and development of technology and products. Our solutions have been so successful that in the past two years we have established branches in India, the US and China. In 2025 I hope our company will resemble a multi-ethnic collective pool of talent, united by a passion for innovation. We are constantly focused on listening to our valued customers, their needs, their problems and the goals they would like to achieve, illustrating to them the solutions that our technology can offer.

5. Why should a visitor to the Global Summit Logistics & Manufacturing 2019 sit at your table? What makes your company better than the competition?

For many years we have been deeply rooted in the supply chain and consequently we are highly skilled in production planning and management processes. This enables us to develop flexible software solutions capable of responding to the real needs that occur frequently in production plants.

We distinguish ourselves from others because we are not your average software provider. The implementation of our modules helps us stand out to customers as we all learn and adopt new processes. We are able to provide concrete results to back up our claims of drastically improving business performance.