Traceability with Blockchain 

At Digitalsoft, we help Customers in an end-to-end journey to develop the future factory: a modern business management.

We integrate planning and execution in our D-ONE industry platform, which includes Integrated Business Planning (IBP / SIOP) for Sales, Inventory & Operations Planning and Smart Factory & Warehouse. The platform is modular, flexible and fully customizable to suit the customer needs and its level of maturity in the journey through Industry 4.0.
Digitalsoft drives operational excellence by helping the customer creating a fully connected factory, based on a unified operation system representing a single point of access for the entire process. D-ONE is integrated and co-exists with enterprise business applications and connects plant floor, with real-time data acquisition, for optimized and responsive operations. Points of strength are the real-time interactive boards, unique experience to access to synchronized intelligence, to facilitate instantaneous alerts, and to support decision making. Connecting processes allows full traceability with blockchain, and it ensures that the strict regulations related to documentation and traceability of products are managed efficiently.

Connected Supply Chain and Traceability

We are in the era of Connection

Today you can stay connected with everyone wherever you are at whatever time. In the world of business, this guarantees a major improvement in the creation of the new concept of Industry 4.0. Having an end-to-end connected supply chain nowadays is a factor that can really make the difference in increasing your productivity and competitivity. Today many processes and platforms have been developed to permit it. That’s how Digitalsoft’s platform was born: to be the source for a fully connected way of making things. Our mission consists in connecting things, people and processes to increase productivity.

It connects all the main parts of a business, starting from planning to arrive to execution and shipment. Connection in business means first of all visibility, transparency. To be productive you need to be constantly aware of the trend of your business and to predict issues. Visibility means seeing what is happening in your plant, in your factory. Visual in Industry 4.0 is the key to reduce the time needed to discover and fix problems. The platform guarantees full visibility thanks to its dashboards, reports, OEE & Analytics, KPIs and Visual Boards. Transparency means also traceability.

traceability with blockchain

We implement and drive continuous improvements of the standardized business capabilities in the area of “Traceability”. Our solution collects numerous process data from machines and turns them in real time info direct to the right people, enhancing full end-to-end product traceability. Using a unique identification thru QR code, RFID or barcode, it keeps full traceability of each container in the factory, ensuring information flows are aligned with physical ones. Nowadays companies are often multinational entities, with varieties of products and plants located all over the world. Considering this, having one tool to manage this huge variety of people and things is now a real need for many companies.

D-ONE purpose is to connect business intelligence. Starting by connecting all physical devices and objects for data collection, by integrating itself with enterprises ecosystems, and then moving to the connection of people. Connecting means also the leveraging of data into more useful information for decision making. With IoT, objects increase visibility throughout the supply chain by generating information in real time on the different supply chain processes. With thousands or even millions of sensors generating this data, risk management can be greatly improved.

For example, placing sensors on supply chain materials can enable a more precise and reliable monitoring of inventories that flow across the actors and processes involved in the supply chain, thus avoiding human errors, input shortages, and the high cost of unnecessary inventory carrying. Moreover, they can enhance product end-to-end traceability, including quality control. Sensors capable of reporting on machinery performance and physical assets can indicate when maintenance is required and when machinery is likely to fail, thus avoiding damage and downtime.

Blockchain Technology and Traceability in International Supply Chains

Blockchain is the emerging technology that promises large benefits for supply chain.

This technology can help create and share information in an immediate, unalterable, and transparent fashion throughout the supply chain, without the need to set up costly centralized information-sharing systems. It also decreases the need for third-party intervention and reduces the number of documents that have to be shared. By using distributed ledger technology, all the information shared in the network is stored in each node, making it easier to access and trace transaction history. Any change to the information stored in the distributed ledger must be approved by consensus by all the nodes in the network. Once the change is approved, the information is immediately stored in each node.

traceability with blockchain

This makes the system more resilient to failure or targeted attacks. In addition, since blockchain uses cryptography to guarantee the information stored in the distributed ledger, it makes it virtually impossible to alter the information already stored without having the consensus of the nodes in the network. This is an important feature to avoid forgery and fraud in the information shared. Finally, the decentralized feature of blockchain eliminates the need for third parties to validate the information shared, which in turn reduces transaction costs and increases transparency.


One expected benefit of blockchain relates to ensuring materials provenance and end-to-end product traceability. Together with the use of IoT and Big Data, real-time information sensor-generated information can be encrypted, validated, and shared among supply chain partners to ensure, for instance, that the temperature, humidity, and quality conditions of materials and products have been unaltered in their flow thorough the supply chain.

This is particularly important for the food industry in LAC, where every year 15 percent of annual production is lost, 74 percent of which is due to inefficiencies in production and logistics processes.

Traceability and Blockchain: how to create value

Through a strong partnership between DigitalsoftKezzler and qiibee, we provide a joint solution, based on the blockchain technology.
Kezzler is a world leader in cloud-based traceability platform solutions that brings value to brands by securing supply chains and elevating consumer experience. Qiibee is a technology expert of blockchain solution.

We enable value at different level:

Risk management

Efficiantly stop counterfeit products and unauthorized distribution by making every product unique, while simplifying the verification of authenticity

Augmented products

Enable cunsomer engagement directly through the product. Build trust, increase loyalty and instantly reward cunsomers

Supply Chain Visibility

Track and trace products from creation to consumption, garnering deeper insights into the product journey and the entire product life cycle


Combining massively scalable serialization with the benefits of distributed ledger technology

We provide a solution for a Compliant, secured and transparent supply chain.
We collect data and tracking throughout the entire supply chain, from the factory, to the customer, and to the consumer. We give every product a unique, secure and traceable identity, excelling at flexibility, scalability and experience. Kezzler’s patented serialization solution generates billions of unique, secure and traceable IDs, assigned to every product as a QR code, data matrix, in an NFC/RFID tag, or any kind of carrier. Qiibee, with its blockchain technology can safely store all relevant info on products & services enabling consumers with transparency and loyalty.


The application of unique, secure and traceable identities enables supply chain stakeholders, and consumers, to verify every pack’s authenticity. The unique identities can be checked with a mobile phone or online to receive confirmation that the pack is genuine. The solution allows consumers to scan products using their phone and experience the supply chain journey of the exact product in hand. Smart packaging eliminates concerns regarding fraudulent products and enables the brand to engage with consumers directly.

  • Eliminate counterfeits and diversion
  • Full internal traceability of materials, operations, and processes data
  • Supply chain visibility. Control of supply chain events
  • Visibility of product last-mile data to consumption
  • Consumer and consumption insights. Competitive advantage through the consumer confidence
  • Manage recalls and expiry dates: perfect traceability can reduce recall losses by more than 90%
  • Increased loyalty and sales

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