How to be one: the Era of connection

connection in business
We are in the era of Connection. Today you can stay connected with everyone wherever you are at whatever time. In the world of business this guarantee a major improvement in the creation of the new concept of 4.0 Industry. Have an end-to-end connected supply chain nowadays is a factor that can really make the difference in increasing your productivity and competitivity. Today many processes and platforms have been developed to permit it. That’s how Digitalsoft’s platform d-one was born: to be the source for a fully connected way of making things.

d-one mission consists in connecting things, people and processes to increase productivity. It connects all the main parts of a business, starting from planning, managed by d-one plan module, to arrive to execution and shipment, managed by d-onefactory module.

Connection in business means first of all visibility, transparency. To be productive you need to be constantly aware of the trend of your business and to predict issues. Visibility means seeing what is happening in your plant, in your factory. Visual in 4.0 Industry is the key to reduce the time needed to discover and fix problems. d-one guarantees full visibility thanks to its dashboards, reports, OEE & Analytics, KPIs and Visual Boards. Transparency means also traceability. D-oneIoT collects numerous process data from machines and turns them in real time info direct to the right people, enhancing full end-to-end product traceability.

Nowadays companies are often multinational entities, with varieties of products and plants located all over the world. Considering this, having one tool to manage this huge variety of people and things is now a real need for many companies. D-one purpose is to connect business intelligence. Starting by connecting all physical devices and objects for data collection, by integrating itself with enterprises ecosystems, and then moving to the connection of people. Connecting for d-one means also the leveraging of data into more useful information for decision making. Aim of d-one is delivering the right information to the right person at the right time.

With d-onefactory module Digitalsoft drives operational excellence by helping the customer creating a fully connected factory, based on a unified operation system representing a single point of access for the entire process. d-onefactory is Integrated and co-exists with enterprise business applications and connects plant floor, with real-time data acquisition, for optimized and responsive operations. Point of strength of this module are the real-time interactive boards, unique experience to access to synchronized intelligence, to facilitate instantaneous alerts, and to support decision making.

However, connection does not start from a tool, it starts from people. In a business connection can be efficient if people around it are all aligned under the same core business view. To be aligned people need to communicate, to have a common and complete knowledge about business decisions in order to be updated, letting innovation work correctly. Meeting, trainings, awareness of each roles and responsibilities can not be substituted by a tool.

Connect and Empower Businesses is our mission. Let us enable your end-to-end connected supply chain. Find out how to be one.