Digitalsoft respond to global supply chain disruptions

In Digitalsoft we have already put in place all necessary measures to keep our employees safe (smart working, social distance, hand hygiene, office sanitation, etc). In such times, our team has a great sense of responsibility. Our Industrial solutions and Giobby ERP Teams are working with our Customers to address the current challenges.

To respond to global supply chain disruptions, our Customers rely on our platform capabilities to carry out scenario simulations, capacity analysis and constraints checks. Using our solutions and capabilities, one of our major customers was able to provide its customers with 2 weeks supply visibility. They delighted their customers with such foresight despite the ongoing crisis. Working diligently and closely with this customer, our team helped model constraints arising from critical material, plant shut-downs and labor availability. This involved: helping with daily monitoring of production stops and starts for all the Plants, tracking EDI and constraints as well as maintaining data control. This customer is now ready for the market recovery. We, at Digitalsoft, pride ourselves in helping our customers become more resilient to volatility.

We are here to help. This is the time when the ‘team working’ can make the difference.

Stay safe.