The road to modern factory management

A Smart Factory is predictive, responsive and connected. There are many solutions on the market today, however none of them combine planning and execution in real-time. They fail to connect people, product and processes. What customers need is a flexible platform that integrates the value chain, and delivers quick results. This is the mission at the heart of our d-one platform. The platform was developed by Digitalsoft, an Italian company with development and sales facilities in the US, India, China and Dubai.

About d-one

The d-one platform boosts supply chain innovation and digitization. It includes various applications that are operated under 3 main modules, to provide customers with unparalleled Integrated Business Planning (IBP) capabilities. Customer stop managing ‘unknown-uncertainties’, and start managing ‘known-variabilities’:

  • d-onePlan, provides control tower capabilities, through end-to-end planning, simulation and KPI tracking. It covers all IBP phases.
  • d-oneFactory, transforms the plant and warehouse operations, enabling real-time production scheduling, execution and control.  Due to its embedded Lean concepts, major jumps in deliver, quality and productivity are achieved.
  • d-oneIoT, connects products, machines, data and people.

Whether on-premise, or on Digitalsoft’s public cloud, the platform links seamlessly and securely to all legacy ERPs. In line with d-one’s ROI promise, all customer engagements start with an in-depth assessment of the current processes and systems. This allows the customer to establish a level of digital planning maturity and build a staged digitization plan tailored to its needs. The customer pays for what he/she needs.

What problems we solve

Demand and supply chain are often disrupted by world events. These tend to impact lead times, add supply constraints, generate surge in activities and costs. d-one’s real-time engine allows the customers to factor-in risks, helping them to predict and sustain performance over a long range.

d-one’s capabilities drive operational excellence by simplifying & enhancing operational backbone for speed, quality, flexibility and efficiency. Its Visual Management and Control tower feature ensures that the right data, is delivered at the right moment and to the right person. In production, it empowers the operator, supervisors and managers to control and manage the operations proactively with a mobile app. Its Scheduler and Clear to build module uses Gantt tools to fully optimize human and machine resources and ensures there are no bottlenecks on the components availability.

When combined with Lean features like eKanban, Pull, material flows are effectively optimized and enables the material traceability. The Platform includes Smart Maintenance module to manage the downtime of machines with features including preventive, Corrective and Predictive maintenance for improving efficiency . With all these capabilities and IOT we have part data, process data and machine data to drive higher automation and full traceability.

Complexity is set to grow, with customers multiplying their products and production capabilities.

We should be surprised by the rapid increase in Stock Keeping Units (SKU), and an ever-expanding supply chains. This is pushing supply chain management to its limits. It is virtually impossible to effectively plan without advanced capacity and internal/external constraints management capabilities. Digitalsoft’s extensive experience in ‘mission-critical’ industries like Automotive, helped shape the d-one platform design and capabilities.

d-one has recently added cognitive analytics capabilities that uses ML/AI, enhance demand forecasting. With a more accurate demand signal, S&OP (Sales and Operations Planning) and MPS (Master Production Scheduling) become more predictive and reliable. With d-one’s end-to-end connectivity and real-time engine, customers can model and simulate as many times as they want. Allowing them to find best-fit scenarios that balance products costs, order fulfillment, resource and inventory constraints. Better insights yield better results.

An added feature of d-one is its ability to dynamically segment finished goods products and components, in function of their life cycle. This allows the customer to adapt its planning strategies for accordingly, achieving significant improvements in customer deliver and productivity.

The greatest assets are our employees. d-one’s highly collaborative environment boosts information sharing between functions. With tasks and objectives effectively distributed among the key players, functions remain aligned and focused on results. Customer organizations gain speed and accuracy.

We focus on capability, not functionality.

Sustained results seen so far by Digitalsoft’s customers are: up to 10% YoY manufacturing costs reduction, up to 30% inventory level reduction, and up 25 percentage points increase in Customer Service levels.

In today’s world, speed and flexibility are paramount. You require modular and integrated platforms that operate in real-time, in order to manage complexity and volatility. These platforms must be able to connect processes, products, people, machines and data. Functionality is not enough, when selecting technology. You must look at capabilities.  This is the essence of d-one.